What I Offer

Aerial Property Photography

Aerial Property Photography offers a unique perspective of your house & land! Whether it is to sell the property or to frame the image on your wall

Estate Agents

If you are selling your house using a drone to capture Aerial Photography & Videography is an affordable way to get images and videos from a different perspective.

Framed Photographs

If you are proud of your home or property why not get an aerial photograph which you can frame and hang on the wall.

Up to date & accurate

Google maps and many other websites are outdated. Drone photography is up to date and shows an accurate representation of the property.

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Interested in Corporate Videography?

What I Offer

Corparate Videography

Showing your business or product from the sky is an innovative way to draw customers attention.

Different Perspective

A drone offers a different perspective to show of your outdoor business or product


Video’s captured from the sky with a drone always catch people’s eye so it will bring attention to your business.

Cheaper than Alternatives

Drones have the ability to fly lower and closer than helicopters or fixed wing aircraft at a fraction of the cost

What I Offer

Construction Site

Construction site aerial photography is the perfect way to demonstrate the progression of a project from planning to completion.

Show Progression on Site

If you are building a new house or property drone photography allows you to compare site progress on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Impress Clients

Showing your client the progression of the construction from a different view point will create a powerful impression

Marketing Images

The aerial images of the site can be used for marketing tool.

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Interested in Agriculture Photography, Videography or Mapping?

What I Offer


Time is your valuable resource. During the growing season, you need to be able to detect and solve problems. Using advanced crop health software I can detect crop variability and differentiate between healthy and poor areas of crop growth

Precision Agriculture

Farmers spend hours looking at the ground. With my agriculture drone you can survey the land and make more informed decisions on the land and crop

Saving Time & Money

When the images are processed you can see where is growing well in the field and where needs attention. From this you know where you need to fertilise and where you don’t need to fertilise saving you time and money.

Link to Machinery

Depending on the farming equipment manufacturer, the survey results can be linked to your by tractors, purposes, combines e.t.c

What I Offer

Building Inspection

Drone inspections of buildings & structures save time and money compared with traditional methods.

High Level

My CAA Commercial License allows me to fly up to 400ft so I can survey the top of all of the buildings on the Island

Real Time

While inspecting buildings you, the client, can view real time on screen images so you can take immediate action if necessary.

High Quality

Detailed aerial video camera footage (ultra-HD 4K capability) and 12 megapixel still images.

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Interested in Event Photography or Videography ?

What I Offer


Aerial photography and videography is a great way to capture those special moments!

Capture Memories

Photographing or filming from the sky at an event of any size is a great way to capture memories.

Something Different

The possibilities are endless!

Any kind of event!

Weddings, Christenings, Birthday Parties, Sports & Corporate Events